Trade credit insurance protects you against your

buyers/customers failing to pay.


Trade Credit Insurance

Commercial insurance

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Main concern that will affect for the premium rate :

Business Industry

Insurable Turnover

Their Debtors’ Quality

Payment Period

Terms and Conditions of Payment

The Businesses are Local or

International Base

Loss History (For the past 3 years)

We can generally tailor our products to meet both your client’s risk coverage requirements and budget.

Who Needs Trade Credit Insurance?

If your customers operate a registered business that sells goods and services on credit terms (for example, one month of payment), they are very susceptible to bad debts and should consider the protection of trade credit insurance.


How Much Does Trade Credit Insurance Cost?

Premiums can be calculated as a percentage of your client’s turnover or on a fixed fee basis. It also depends on your company and buyer riskiness. Trade Credit Insurance subject to a minimum premium amount with vary business.


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