The “Ultimate” Guide to Travelling with Pets

How about I do us all a favor and step into my “truth shuttle” in the beginning to be completely honest with you. I don’t like travelling with pets.

I don’t mind when we are around our city going to the store and my children ask if our dog, Odie, tag along. I just don’t like taking long trips with Odie. I love him and he is an important part of our family. Regardless of my sentiments, I don’t like all that it takes to care for him while we are taking a trip. Now my children are not concerned with the details of taking care of Odie. Therefore, they will ask until I finally give a “yes”.

I know some of you are thinking that I am the worst person in the world for wanting to leave him behind. I am okay with your thoughts about me. My children accuse me of being mean and unloving if I won’t allow our precious Odie to go with us. I would like to know if any of you feel the same way I do about travelling with your pets. Come on and tell the truth, this is the no judgment zone.

It is important to plan ahead whether we are happy to travel with our furry family member or forced beyond our will. We must be sure we consider all that we need for the trip and the safety of all passengers.

Yes. Even Odie deserves his overnight bag and safety measures.

The “Ultimate” Guide:

1. Prepare Ahead.

Prepare Trip Ahead

Although we tend to know our pets behavior very well, you can never be sure of how your pet will react to long trips. You should test their ability to travel long distances by taking short trips.

Taking a short trip will allow your pet a chance to become used to riding for longer distances and duration. You can try this strategy to know if the extended car ride will cause your sweet floor passenger to get sick or upset. You should determine how often you will need to stop for bathroom breaks and exercise. Once you take a practice trip, you can create a travelling schedule.

If you travel with pets by plane, bus, or train, you must consider if your pet will handle these types of vehicles. Although, your furry friend may travel easily in the car, he may become anxious or sick in the air or on a bus. You will need to identify the best way to carry your pet and consider some favorite items to help make the trip more comfortable.

No one wants to arrive at their destination to find that pets are NOT allowed. Be sure to research the hotel you’re staying at to see if your four-legged family members are welcomed. Ask questions about whether you have to keep them in a carrier while lodging there or if barking is a problem. While you’re at it, you can even ask for any pet-friendly leisure locations and parks in the area.

If you are going by plane, bus, or train contact the carriers to understand their rules and regulations about travelling with pets. Make sure you will meet all requirements, such as size restrictions, to prevent any delays or cancellation of your trip.

Lastly, you should know the medical condition of your loved one. This can cancel out any current conditions that may endanger the little one’s health and your fun. If you are travelling overseas, you need to know if they need any vaccinations before going there. You should also identify how to get medical care if sickness occurs during international travel.

2. Pack Sufficiently

Pack Sufficiently

To avoid losing your travelling guest, you can put another tag on the collar. The additional tag should include your information in case your pet gets lost. This will help, especially, if you are going by plane, bus, or train.

Anytime you do not take your pet as carry-on there is a possibility that your other child could be lost. By adding more tags with your details would help you worry less.

Also, consider your little one wandering off in the area you are staying. It may help to include lodging information in case someone finds your pet in the surrounding area.

Your luggage should also include medical records whenever you’re travelling overseas. This provides information about the health of your pet and current immunizations. Keeping this information with you could help avoid issues about infections contracted in international destinations.

You know your additional child has to eat so take into consideration how often this will take place and pack enough of the items he or she likes for the trip. You will also find that bringing your food is more convenient. Also bring a sturdy water dish to keep your pet hydrated during travel. These steps will keep you free from worrying about the “four-legger’s” happiness.

3. Be Safe

Be Safe

There are safety precautions you can take to improve the experience of travelling with pets. Keep your pets’ body parts within the moving vehicle. It may seem unharmful, but your sidekick could obtain injury from letting it all hangout. Riding at higher speeds with the gusty wind could cause ear and lung damage. Avoid this damage by keeping all body parts inside.

Always find a way to keep your pet restrained while driving longer distances. He may become anxious, and you don’t want too much movement to distract you from the bigger task, which is safe driving. Determine the best way to keep them buckled up to have a smooth, hazard-free drive.

In a Nutshell

travelling with Pets

Taking trips with your whole family should be fun and safe for each of you. I know I told you I don’t prefer taking Odie on trips with me but I still think he deserves all the privileges we have on our trips. To make sure he has the best trip along with us, I just follow The “Ultimate” Guide.

I make sure to prepare for Odie when he’s travelling with us. I like to take short daycations to prepare for long drives. By taking a daycation, I can understand how he will adjust on the trip and make accommodations for him.

One time we took a short drive before going on vacation to the beach and found out that Odie doesn’t like riding in the car when it’s raining. Well, we didn’t know this before. Guess what?! It rained on the drive that time. Luckily, I added in his favorite pillow in the backseat, and it helped him remain calm.

I made some good choices and my trip turned out perfectly.

Unfortunately, I know someone who didn’t have the best vacation with their pet. They had the assumption that pets could fly with you, as long as you keep them in your own seat and space. My friend arrived at the airport for her long-awaited trip but was turned away by the airline. She didn’t understand and attempted to consult with an attorney for legal purposes. What she found was that each airline has a policy that is specific to their company. The carrier, which will remain unnamed, was within rights to refuse her flight. She lost that flight, her trip, and the money she used to make each reservation. My friend was not prepared.

I decided to share The Ultimate Guide for travelling with Pets with you. Use these tips to help enjoy your holiday and annual travel plans without any worries. Happy travelling and Your Little Pets Too!!