14 Incredibly Useful Travel Apps that Solve Your Travel Frustrations (and it is free!)

We all love to travel. Getting out of Singapore can recharge us for the next challenge.


Travelling also comes with its frustration. Planning for the trip. Packing our luggage. Changing money. Navigations. Language barriers. And of course, safety.

How I wish there is a solution for these frustrations.

The bad news is:

There is no one size fit all solution (not that I know of).

The good news? There are mobile apps that can help us deal with these frustrations one at a time.

Even better news? These apps are free!

Here are 14 apps that can make your life easier for your trip.

Travel Planning

Are you the type who plan a detailed itinerary every time you travel? I am sure many of you do some sort of planning.

I have a friend who even crashed his Google Chrome when planning for his trip to Croatia.

Trip planning can be a pain and enjoyment at the same time. Here are some apps I used to make things easier:

1. Tripit


Tripit is a useful app that organizes your travel plans in one place. Simply forward your confirmation emails to Tripit. They will organize your plans for your easy viewing.

You can access your plans anytime, any place, even when you are offline.

Also, if your friend is going to the same destination, you can forward your trip to your friend.

Available in iOS and Android

2. TimeOut City Guide


TimeOut feature city guides for more than 108 cities across 39 countries. Often, there will be interesting places where it is not featured in other major apps.

You can access TimeOut from your web browser, or download their mobile app.

3. Telegraph Travel Guide

Telegraph Travel Guide

Telegraph travel guide app provides you with reviews on hotels, attractions, restaurants, etc. The recommendations also come with tips and insider knowledge to maximize your travel experience.

Inside this app, you can also find handpicked recommendations and customized itineraries.

Finally, all their recommendations come with phone numbers, prices, websites and booking advice. They are constantly reviewed and updated.

The downside is not every city is in this app. But it is worth a shot if you are going to a popular city. 

4. Foursquare


Have you ever think about what are some of the interesting things you can do near you?

Foursquare help you to answer this question.

Enter the location. And you can browse attractions such as “Food” or “Arts & Entertainment” around the location.

Foursquare has a large database of places. This means it is likely for you to find what you are looking for.

But there is usually limited information for each attraction. You will have to use other apps if you want to know more.

5. Tripadvisor


No travel app discussion complete without including Tripadvisor. There is almost nothing I cannot find with Tripadvisor. 

Just key in your destination, and viola. You get a list of top things to do in the city. Tripadvisor’s users also tend to write lengthy (but useful) reviews. This will tell you what to look out when visiting the attractions.

One of my favorite features is the social element in the reviews. If you want to know more information, you can contact that friend.

6. Packpoint


Few people love to pack. But it is a necessary evil. Packpoint help you make it simple. Just tell the app this information:

  • Location
  • Date of Travel
  • Length of stay
  • Your activities during the trip

Packpoint will generate a list of items you should pack. They also take into account the weather during your trip.

It really sucks if you didn’t prepare for cold weather. Packpoint helps you avoid this.


We are all reliant on the WiFi-connection. In fact, you need WiFi to use the apps in this articles.

7. WiFi Finder

WiFi Finder

WiFi Finder lists more than 550,000 locations in 144 countries. You can use WiFi finder to find free or paid public WiFi hotspots online or offline.


Navigation in a foreign land can be scary. Afterall, it is an uncharted territory for most of you.

Furthermore, some transport systems are complicated to understand.

Some of these apps help you to make navigation a breeze:

8. Google Maps

You should have heard of Google Maps. Google Maps is a great tool for both planning and navigation.

First, you can add markers to the places you want to visit.

Google Map Marker

This way, you can have a sense of the locations of these places. This will help you to plan where to go each day.

Pro Tip: To add markers, you need to create a map under “Your Places”. Next, search for the destination you want to go.

Google Maps - Adding Marker

Click on “Add to Map” once you confirm that the place is correct.

Also, you can download certain areas of the map so that you can access offline.

Check out the support area if you need instruction on how to do it.

Using Google Map (with the downloaded map) and GPS, you will be able to see where you are. Together with the markers, you will know how far away from each place.

9. CityMapper


CityMapper is the ultimate transportation app. Just key in where you are, and where you want to go, the app will tell you how to go.

Not only that, it also show you useful information such as:

  • The estimated duration for you to reach your destination;
  • The average frequency of the recommended public transport; and
  • Real-time departures and disruption alerts.

The downside is it is not available in a lot of cities yet.


Many countries do not use English as their native speaking language. But that does not mean you cannot understand them at all.

With the help of the following apps, you can learn the basic of the language in no time!

10. Duolingo


Learning a language can be boring for some people. Yet, Duolingo tries to make it fun! Using gamification, Duolingo teaches you to read, write, listen and speak.

The language lessons are also bite-sized so that it will not be overwhelming.

Interested in learning a foreign language? Give Duolingo a try.

11. Google Translate

You might have used Google Translate at some point in your life. But the real power of Google Translate come from 2 features:

  • Downloading the language so that you can use it offline; and
  • Camera functionality.

The camera functionality does a real-time translation (for selected languages). Check out the GIF below to see it in action.

Google Translate

With this function, you never have to worry about reading the food menu again.

Payment and Expense

I worried about overspending during my trip. Withdrawing more cash from the ATM can be expensive. It is also a hassle to split the expenses if you are traveling with friends.

Here are some useful apps which will help you keep track of your expenses:

12. Splittr


Splittr helps you to keep track of expenses with your friends. Just add the expenses and the person who is paying, the app will tell you who owns who and for how much.

This app also generate a PDF report which you can email your friend.

You can also use Splittr to keep track of your expenses.

The downside is this app is only available for iOS users.

13. Soulver


Punching calculator is so old school. Soulver allows you to do calculations by keying in what you think. This app is useful for those who just aren’t good in maths.

Soulver is simpler than a spreadsheet, and yet smarter than a calculator. Using this to calculate how much an item cost is way easier.

Like Splittr, this app is only available for iOS users. Sorry Android mates.



You should always be careful when you are abroad. Most of the time, you will face petty crimes such as pickpockets or overpriced scams.

14. TravelSafe


During an emergency, what do you need? You need the numbers of police and ambulance.

But what if you are in a foreign land? Chances are, you would not research on them. Looking for these numbers on the spot might be difficult. You might not have the WiFi connections.

TravelSafe provides you with the emergency number that you need to call. It works even without WiFi. 

Sometimes, it is just a call away to get you to safety. Do not underestimate this.

And lastly…

Travel is fun. But do not make it a regret when things go wrong. Sometimes, unfortunate events can happen that is beyond your control.

If you are lucky, everything is fine. But you may not be lucky every time.

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Do check out our travel insurance platform for the quotation.


Travelling is fun! You can make your trip even more interesting by using the apps listed in this article.

Do you have any useful app which you can share? Write it in the comments below!