5 Things to Check before Picking Your Hotel

Choosing the right hotel is always a hard decision and can be challenging. The time when a hotel was better than another based on star ratings has passed. Today, a hotel can be so much more than just the number of stars it has.

A 5-star hotel may be a fancy hotel with classy and expensive furniture. But are you looking for luxury only? A 3 or 2-star hotel can have less class, but it may be in the perfect location.

There are many other things that need to be taken into account when picking a hotel.

Does the hotel have a swimming pool for the family? Is there parking space available? Is it close to the city center or countryside? Is the price reasonable?

All of these questions will be answered in this article. Below we give you the 5 things you need to check before picking the right hotel for you.

1. Location – Where is it?


When choosing a hotel, you should consider its exact location. If you decided to travel to a large city, it’s worth thinking about why you intended to visit. Your main reason of traveling will help you in picking out the right hotel for you.

Want a vacation or holiday? You should look for hotels which are close to the beach or to different tourist attractions.

For sightseeing, the best hotel might be in the heart of a city where everything is within a walking distance.

If you plan on taking your car or renting one, the proximity of the hotel to the city may not be necessary. You can book a hotel or motel further away from the city center. If you are on a business trip, a hotel closer to the business district is your best option.

2. Price – Is it worth it?


Another thing to take into consideration is the price you need to pay. Price preferences also vary from person to person. And by price preference, we mean what a person considers worthy of its price and what they don’t.

If a hotel charges over $100 per night only because of its fancy furniture, you might find it ridiculous. However, if you are looking for luxury, that price may be perfect for you. It all depends on what you think is important enough to pay for.

There are cheaper hotels that don’t have beautiful rooms, but they have other advantages. Some of these advantages can be considered as parking space, proximity to the center, proximity to a certain location, certain amenities and more.

If the price is high because of a fancy lobby and conference rooms which you might probably never use, you might think of choosing a different hotel.

Don’t settle for the first option you see just because it may seem the best. Check out hotels and compare their prices to see which one may fit your needs best.

3. Amenities – Does it have everything I need?


The third thing to check before choosing a hotel is to see what amenities the hotel offers.

Since everyone has a different reason for traveling, they may all have specific needs which need to be fulfilled. If you are traveling with your family, you probably need a swimming pool or a playground to keep the children busy. Some hotels might even offer a Kids Club which can entertain children while parents are occupied.

If you’re looking for a relaxing vacation, you probably would like the hotel to have a spa or sauna. In our modern days, everyone is on their smartphones, tablets and laptops, so Wi-Fi is a must in a hotel.

If you travel by car, the hotel should have a parking place reserved for its residents. For pet owners, it is important that a hotel allows pets. Pet-friendly hotels will save you a lot of boarding costs, and your furry friend won’t be sad and miss you while you are away.

4. Reviews – What do people say about it?


When you check your hotel’s website or brochure, you see a lot of pictures and info that make you think it is flawless. The rooms seem perfect, the views are breathtaking, the amenities are to die for and the staff seems very friendly.

But we all are familiar with the quote “Things are not always as they seem”. The best thing is to not fully trust the website or brochure. You should also take into account the reviews. What other people have experienced is very beneficial and can help you choose a hotel much easier.

A hotel might state that it has a 24-hour open spa, but in reality, it may close during a certain period. In most cases a customer review will tell it all: if a hotel is as good as it claimed it was, if the service was satisfying, if the food was well cooked etc.

However, you can’t fully trust the reviews either. There have been cases when the reviews were glowing, but one person had seen a flaw that other people might not have cared for. The best thing to do is to look at the overall opinion which people gave. For example, if most of a hotel’s reviews are negative, you might not want to stay there. Try to read as many reviews as you can to have a more informed judgment.

5. Accessibility – Can I get to it easily?


The 5th thing to consider, which is also very important, is the accessibility of the hotel you are staying at.

A hotel in the outskirts of a town may seem like a great escape from the usual routine, but how easy is it to get there? You should also check how far the hotel is from public transport.

If the hotel is far from the bus or stations, you need to ask if the hotel offers a reliable taxi service. You need to take into account that anything can happen during a trip and you need to be able to get to a hospital or police station easily and fast. It is also important to think about the fact that distance doesn’t leave the same impression on everybody. What may be a short 10minute walk for someone, may be a 20 or 30-minute walk for someone else.

If a bus station is a few minutes away, it might not be that big of a problem. However, some people do not prefer walking. Especially if you are traveling during winter, you should have a plan on how to get to your hotel as easily as possible.


In conclusion, the 5 things you should check before picking a hotel are the location, price, amenities, reviews, and accessibility.

A trip is meant to be a fun and productive experience, not a bad one. The more planning you do before you begin traveling, the better the chances of a good time there are.

A hotel needs to be in a good location which can be accessible by public transport or is in the proximity of public bus or train stations. It should also be worth the price you are paying, which means that the hotel should provide all of the things you need to make your trip a great experience.

Lastly, before you go for your trip, make sure to get a travel insurance to cover your travel risk. Visit our travel insurance platform for quotations.