Visiting Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park in Vietnam

Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

It is next to the border with Laos.

This is an impressive national park with karst mountains, historic sites, underground rivers and unspoiled jungle. It also has around 300 extensive caves which you can easily access.

Check out some places you can visit in Phong National Park that can help you explore its natural mystical wonders.

Cycle around the Bong Lai Valley

Bong Lai Valley

(Photo by Christopher Michel, available under Creative Commons license).

Bong Lai Valley is an amazing rural valley interspersed with some farms and small villages.

You can rent a bike and weave through local villages, sleepy rivers and pass by an ever-expanding array of laid-back attractions.

There are many stunning attractions in the valley, which makes it a nice relaxing day out in the countryside.

The Pub with Cold Beer

Pub with cold beer

This pub is a unique water spot in the valley for thirsty travelers.

The beer here is cold (as advertised), and all you eat here is actually grown in the village.

Here you can lunch on some lovely grilled chicken with peanut sauce. You could rent a tube off and float down the river as you wait for your lunch to cook. Just lie in a hammock with a cold beer or indulge as you like with the preparation of your delicious chicken.

The Wild Boar Eco Farm

This is the best place to come if you want to get off the beaten track.

It is a few kilometers down the dirt track of the Bong Lai Valley from the Pub With Cold Beer.

Here you can try some delicious cold beer and freshly cooked pork and some other options.

You can also spend a relaxing afternoon in the rustic riverside shelter. There is a great spot for you to swim. You can even hang out in the great Vietnamese house which Mr. Cuong built.

Moi Moi Restaurant

Moi Moi Restaurant

This is a friendly place where you can find some amazing food options like pork cooked with bamboo.

It is a rural setting in Bong Lai Valley.

It is also situated on a small farm which grows watermelons, corn, cassava, pepper and other crops.

Duck Stop

Duck Stop

You can stop in at Duck Stop on your way back from the Pub with Cold Beer.

Here you can order a bit of refreshment and feed the ducks as you take some fantastic photos. Also, pick up some black Phong Nha Pepper while you’re still there.

Meet the issue of Hang Toi

Hang Toi

Hang Toi (more commonly known as Dark cave), is twitched to appeal to adventure seekers.

The main attraction here is venturing into the cave with only head torches and plunging to a narrow cavern full of thick gooey, gloppy mud.

Here you will have a soaring zip line flight above a forest-shaded river just before a brief swim into the mouth of the cave.

You can also swim in the underground waters of the Thuy Tien Lake. When you exit, you can take a short and scenic kayak paddle back to the main jetty. So, you can visit the Dark Cave and get ready to get dirty and have lots of fun.

Tour the Hang Tu Lan

Tu Lan Cave

(Photo by Grace Lopez, available under Creative Commons license).

If you want a solid taste of adventure, then you must go on a tour in Hang Tu Lan.

This tour offers a perfect glimpse into the spectacular beauty of Tu Lan area. Here you can explore the caves, waterfalls, jungle, karst, and mountains.

Enjoy touring the Kim Cave, Ken Cave and obviously Tu Lan Cave. You’ll be subjected to a nice amount of trekking with about 10km of hard jungle terrain. Spend a night in the jungle at the Tu Lan campsite situated by a lovely waterfall.

Besides, you’ll enjoy a tasty BBQ beside a campfire. It is also the best place for swimming through river caves, climbing, and trekking. So, you can take a two-day or one-night tour with a jungle porter team and an English-speaking guide.

This is a great chance to escape the city hypes and go deep into the untouched and rugged nature of Vietnam.

Camp underground in the Hang En cave

Hang En Cave

(Photo by Genghiskhan, available under Creative Commons license).

Hang En cave is the third largest cave in the world.

It’s only succeeded by Deer Cave in Malaysia and the Hang Son Doong.

Hang En is near the Hang Son Doong. Here you can take a two-day or one-night tour and camp at the amazing riverside situated within the cave.

You can also visit a remote ethnic little village of Ban Doong. Some fossils which are up to 300 million years old were once discovered in this cave.

But today wildlife includes hundreds of swifts, which scoot amid the diffuse shafts of sunlight projecting into the Hang En giant cavern.

Delve into the area’s war history

Vietnam War History

(Photo by Manhhai, available under Creative Commons license).

Organize a tour with Phong Nha Farmstay to explore and tour the area’s wartime history.

You will explore the area either with a sidecar of the Soviet era Ural motorbike or a restored US Army jeep. You will pass negotiating winning roads past roaring rapids and some sheer cliffs.

Also, you will pass some famous area like the Ho Chi Minh Trail, which was critical to the Vietnamese war efforts.

Visit poignant Hang Tampa Co also known as the Eight Lady Cave. Which is now a memorial to 8 Vietnamese soldiers who died in 1972 after a US bomb raid sealed the entrance of the cave.

Be the first to explore the Hang Va

Hang Va

Hang Va was discovered in 2012 and was just opened to tourists in 2015. It is the newest underground adventure in the region of Phong Nha region.

Indulge in a one-night or two-day adventures and travel along an underground river in the close-by Hang Nuoc Nut Cave. Explore the Cave’s amazing partially submerged stalagmite field. Just don’t forget to bring some harnesses and ropes to add to your sense of adventure.

In conclusion, with advanced planning and a little less cash, you can visit the stupendous Phong Nha National Park.

It is packed with great chances to paddle, bike, hike or simply relax among the most amazing and exciting regions. This is a great place if you have a great sense of adventure. Or come face to face with great stalagmites and stalactites.

Keep in mind that there are numerous risks related to travel. Whether an accident, sickness or a natural disaster, having a travel insurance policy will provide you with the peace of mind that you are covered should the worst happen.