7 Ways to Pack Ultra-Light For Your Next Trip

If you travel on a budget, you probably do not depend on other people such as cab drivers and hotel attendants to move around your baggage. You will be moving your luggage yourself through city streets, subway systems, airports, into and out of vehicles, and so forth.

Traveling with excess baggage can be such a hassle, particularly if you plan to use a budget airline that has strict baggage rules and fees. Also, if you have a weighty baggage, you are likely to find yourself thinking more about how you’ll drag your baggage through one more street, rather than enjoying the scenery of the locality.

If there is anything experienced travelers have learned, it is that you will save a great deal of effort, time and money if you pack light for trips.

Yet packing light doesn’t mean you should leave out your essential items. When packing, it is important that you do it in a smart way so that your baggage will not be heavy. And you still have all the important items you need during your trip.

Whether you are a professional packer or a veteran procrastinator, below are 7 tips to help you pack light for your next trip.

1. Buy a light-weight luggage.

lightest luggage

Invest in a strong, yet lightweight baggage. Purchasing a baggage that’s light will help you reduce the weight that you have to carry around during the trip. It will also help you stay under luggage weight limits required by airlines.

2. Make a checklist


You should divide the checklist into the following groups. toiletries, clothes, finances, travel documents, accessories, first aid and general items. As you arrange your belongings in your luggage, you can check off each item once you have placed it into your luggage.

This way, things are more organized. It will also help reduce your chances of forgetting something.

3. Decide the outfits you will need

decide the outfits

When packing for a trip, most people tend to dump everything inside the luggage thinking that they may need it. This is a big mistake because you will eventually pack several pairs of tops and pants that do not match. One way to avoid this is by planning in advance where you will be visiting. So you can get ready an appropriate outfit for the outing.

Furthermore, do not forget to take into account the weather conditions of the locality you intend to visit. For instance, if you intend to travel during the summer months, it is a good idea to go with many lightweight clothes. Bulky clothes produced from heavy fabrics will occupy a large part of the space within your luggage. Which will increase its weight in a significant way. If the weather in the locality you are visiting will be cool, several layers of lightweight clothes will be most appropriate for you. Since clothes like these can trap air as well as conserve body heat.

Also, as you pack light for trips, try to boost your wardrobe by including clothes that go well with each other. When you do this, you can create various looks and styles merely by blending and matching your outfits.

When packing your clothes as well as other items you are taking for your trip, it is recommended that you make it flatter and tighter. Rolling of clothes is a lot better compared to folding. Folded clothes take up more space and result in creases and wrinkles.

4. Go with Travel Size toiletries

travel-size toiletries

Another way to pack light for trips is to buy toiletries at the travel destination. Thus, unless you are visiting a remote locality, you do not have to pack large toothpaste tubes and big shampoo bottles. To prevent leaks and other hazards, remember to put all your toiletries in a secure bag.

If you are traveling with an acquaintance or a member of your family, you should consider taking just one toiletry set for the two of you. Of course, you should go with separate toothbrushes, but you should include only one of items like soap and deodorant since you can share these. By going with just one toiletry set, you can get rid of half of the weight of your toiletries. This will help reduce the weight and bulk of your baggage.

Also, if you can do without extras like perfume, jewelry, and cosmetics during your trip, you should consider leaving them out altogether. The combined weight and mass of these items can add up fast. Try wearing a more natural appearance during your trip. Aside from helping you save a significant amount of time, this can help you avoid strain on your back muscles and arm. Besides, the less flamboyant and classy you appear, the less likely thieves and other rogues will identify you as a potential target.

5. Forget about electronic gadgets and appliances

By leaving behind your electric shaver or hairdryer, you can save the weight of the gadgets as well as the extra load of adapters to meet overseas electrical currents and outlets. Instead, you may want to let your beard grow or go with a lightweight plastic razor.

If you intend to travel by plane, you should forget about packing manicure scissors or razor blades as you are not allowed to carry these in an airplane. If you need these items, you will have to buy them locally.

Also, if you own a mobile device or a reliable notebook that can perform all the tasks you need to do every day. Then you should consider using them instead of your laptop computer during your trip.

6. Go with only 2 pairs of shoes

choosing shoes

If you are a lady this might be hard for you, yet shoes take up a large chunk of the space when packing for a trip. Instead of packing several pairs of shoes, check to see if you have some shoes that are dual purpose. And are appropriate for everyday wear and suitable for evening wear as well. Also, you can save valuable luggage space and weight by wearing your bulkiest shoe to the plane.

7. Cut down on those extra items

cut down extra items

If you are visiting Germany or the Netherlands, you do not need an entire guide book of the world. You can make photocopies of the pages that you need. You can also remove the pages you require from guidebooks and leave the rest at home. Books are bulky. You can rebind the guidebook into a less bulky version with the aid of a much lighter duct tape.

Same applies to entertainment as well. Instead of traveling with a hardcover edition of a magazine or book, you can go with soft cover version. Do you need the entire bottle of your medication or aspirin or just a few pills? An excellent way to pack light for trips is by thinking about the items that you are putting into your luggage. Find out if you can compact them or reduce their size.

At last, be sure to keep your gold jewelry or some other valuables within your carry-on bag. Do not take it out of your bag at the airport or other public places. This is because such jewelry attracts thieves and makes them more aggressive.


With the tips given here, you’ll be able to pack light for trips as well as limit your baggage to the maximum baggage weight accepted by most airlines.

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