7 Amazing Unfrequented destinations in Northern Thailand

(Photo by king damus, available under Creative Commons license).

There are hundreds of stunning and beautiful places to visit in Northern Thailand.

Thus, it’s easy for you to overlook most places.

Famous names such as Wat Rong Khui, Doi Suthep, and Golden Triangle are amazing and must-see sights. But there is always something unique about going to an amazing location that few travelers venture to.

Below are some amazing unfrequent destinations in Northern Thailand you can venture to.

Phu Lang Ka in Phayao Province


(Photo by Khunkay, available under Creative Commons license).

Phayao Province is possibly one of the most unfrequented cities in Thailand.

Most people claim that besides Kwan Phayao, there’s nothing else attractive to view here. The amazing news is that they’re wrong. There is actually much to see in Phayao. Only that you have to travel off the beaten track that must be a memorable adventure.

Among the hidden beauty is the Phu Lang Ka.

This hidden gem is a small and remote place in the Pong District mountains in Phayao Province. This stunning place is perched on the side of a mountain which looks down into a valley.

There is also a few of limestone outcrops of the same kind which Grace destinations such as Vang Vieng, Ha Long Bay, and Krabi. Phu Lang Ka is so far away from the sea. So, you can have more mountain feelings and local living.

Phu Lang Ka also has a spectacular forest park. The main attractions here are the ‘Sea of Fog’ or ‘Island of fog’. They are in the valleys in the early morning mountains of Doi Phu Lang Ka, Doi Phu Nom, and Doi Hua Ling. Most mountain destinations in Thailand offer amazing views of the sunrise. But just a few have equal beautiful sunset views. Phu Lang Ka has it all. Besides the lovely sunrise, during the dawns, fluffy mist pierced by the outcrops will fill the valley.

There is also the Phu Lang Ka Resort if you prefer to stay the night. It only has one accommodation available though. It’s very basic but at the same time super comfortable. It has several rooms and bungalows in a longhouse, which overlook the valley. They’re all set attractively around the site. You can also get a glimpse of the stunning rice paddies and countryside, limestone mountain s and temples.

Doi Kat Phee

Ghost Hill

Doi Kat Phee is a hilltop on one of the highest mountains in the region of Doi Kat Phee National Park.

This lesser known destination has been revealed only a few years. But recently it has become a famous spot where the locals camp in the tents and wait for the sunrise.

In Thai, Doi means, Kat means the market and Phee means ghost. Thus, the meaning of Doi Kat Phee is a hill of the spirit market. It is 52km from Chiang Rai town. But since the terrains are mountainous and hilly, it can take as much as 3 hrs to get there via a car.

Attractions on Doi Kat Phee are lovely natural scenery and channels to neighboring countries.

There are many lovely viewpoints and famous places during cool seasons. In the morning, the mist covers all regions with the cool breeze and green cauliflowers fields.

If you want to visit, you can come during winter (particularly November to January). It is the best time to view the sunrise through a sea of fog. If you don’t want to climb the mountain, you can drive a pick-up or hire a Song Thaew to get there. You can come and wait for the sun to rise.

Doi Loung Chiang Dao in Chiang Mai

Doi Loung Chiang Dao

(Photo by Jpatokal, available under Creative Commons license).

Doi Chiang Doi is not that little-known destination.

It became widely known in the current year, but most people yet don’t know what’s to view here. It is set in the center of the jungle in the shadow of a huge limestone mountain. Chiang Dao is becoming a famous country escape from the piping urban plains of Chiang Mai.

The Doi Loung Chiang Dao is pretty hard and that is why many tourists don’t get here.

You should have a powerful mind and body. This is so since you need to carry your heavy luggage and water to go view a panoramic view of Chiang Mai at a 2225m above the sea level.

The journey might be tough but it’s definitely worth a visit. You can also spend the night in the Baan Ra Beang Doa (the house of terrace stars). It’s a small Resort in the center of the mountain and so close to great spots of Chiang Dao. It is about 500 Bahts a night, which includes breakfast and dinner.

Huay Nam Dang in Mae Hong Son

Huay Nam Dang

Huay Nam Dang offers one of the most stunning views of the ‘Island of fog’ in Thailand.

It’s on the top of the crest of hills and an equal range as the Chiang Dao mountain range. You can come here early in the morning for an excellent view of the fog and mist which are common in this area. You can visit here during winter to fully experience the mist around the mountains.

Doi Hau Singh in Om Koi

Doi Hau Singh

(Photo by yeowatzup, available under Creative Commons license).

Doi Hau Singh is a hilltop of Doi Mon Chang. It is the highest hill in Om Koi Wildlife Sanctuary. This unfrequented destination is situated in the most remote district in Om Goi which is 220 km from Chiang Mai town. There are no towns around these areas, but there are a few scattered villages.

There is also a hilltop which is known as the ‘The Lion Head Hill’ mostly because it looks like a lions head.

You can climb up the Lions Head Hill and get rewarded by the panoramic view of the distant horizon with the 360 angel. You can take a day and hike up the Doi Mon Chong.

Though the trip may be exhausting and many people don’t often like it. You also need to have the permission from the Omkoi Sanctuary. You can contact a local ranger and make arrangements for a guide to drive you to the trail head. Or if you have a heavy trail head, you could hire a local hill-tribe to carry your staff.



(Photo by Apijate Rungwijitsin, available under Creative Commons license).

The Lampang is one of the unfrequented destination in Northern Thailand.

It is the home to the Chalermprakiat Temple. You can also find horse drawn carriages here, although they’re on the decline. You can find some attractions like prehistoric sites, waterfalls, and elephants.

The food scene in this town legendary. On Saturday and Sunday are market days. You can get to buy some ceramics as it is very famous here. The paper is made from elephant dung. This will make a unique gift for squeamish friends back at home.



(Photo by Apijate Rungwijitsin, available under Creative Commons license).

Sukhothai is a small gorgeous city in Northern Thailand.

It is situated near the ruins of the ancient city of Sukhothai, which is a former capital of Thailand. You can visit the Sukhothai Historical Park and Simon Satchanalai Historical Park. They contain epic ruins which can take your breath away and transport back in time.

If you want to view the ruins, you can rent a bike to cover and view more historic grounds. Also, visit the park at sunrise. You can view the amazing Buddha figures against the backdrop of the rising sun.


In conclusion, some destinations are best to visit at its appropriate period. But all of them surely offer an impressive and memorable experience. You can find some time to visit these places at least once. Besides, you will get to know the hidden beauty of Northern Thailand. Never forget to get a travel insurance. That way you may travel with peace of mind, knowing that if things take an unexpected twist, your holiday won’t turn into an expensive failure.