Your Backpacker Guide to making friends and going out with Thai People

Did you know that the Thai people are very social? Well, they are and you must not miss a good opportunity to hang out with a group of Thai friends. You will discover that it is, even more fun than going to an Irish pub with other international backpackers. Hanging with Thai people can be fun and very educating. But after the initial thrill of being invited out with a bunch of Thai people, a million questions can spring up in your head. Like; what and how much should you drink? Who is going to pay? Are there some certain rules and customs to follow? Well, you can relax. After some proven research through the decades, some insights are available to help explain to you the art of hanging out with Thai people.

It is rare for you to see a Thai person eating alone, it is also rare for a Thai person to go to a club or a bar alone. If they’re alone, it means they’re expecting to meet friends. This is the extent of the cultural and social ties that proves that sharing food and drinks are so strong that being alone in a bar equals to “I have no friends”. Below is a guide for a night out with Thai friends. You’re about to unravel the underlying theme in Thai social life and the importance of community.


Always Confirm


With the Thai people, an appointment is not always an appointment. The major challenge most foreigners come across when dealing with Thai people is that they don’t always inform you if there’s a cancellation to the initial plan. Sometimes giving you an appointment is a means to smoothen a conversation. Likewise, an unforeseen event might come up that aids the cancellation. But the Thai people will rather not inform you of the cancellation, instead, they stay quiet and expect you to understand their silence.

So what’s the best way to go around this? If you’ve agreed to meet with a group of Thai friends later in the week, on the day of the event, check with them to confirm. If you get a confirmation that the event is still holding, then you’re safe, but if you don’t get any replies, know for a fact that the event is off and they rather spare you the heartache with their silence.


Dress properly

dress properly

The right dress code often depends on the chosen venue. That is why it is important to ask questions when invited out by your Thai friends. If you don’t know what type of club or bar you guys would be going, it is important you ask to make sure that you’re properly dressed for the occasion. It sometimes could be Khaosan casual or business casual. The safest way to dress however would be to wear long pants, closed shoes, and a nice t-shirt. Don’t forget to carry your ID, you must be 20 and above to enter nightclubs.


How to party in Thailand

party in Thailand


The perfect places most Thai people go to have fun usually have Thai pop/rock music, cold air conditions and plenty of tables. Their songs are usually in their local dialect and it provides a cool atmosphere with the crowd singing along to their favorite songs. Tables in the Thai tradition usually functions as the center of each group. In bars, there can be seats around the table, while in a club setting, the tables are there to stand around. There is usually no dance floor at a Thai club or bar, anyone can stand from their seat and stand dancing. Inviting someone to dance with you is not a common practice in Thailand.


They go all the way in

When you walk into a local bar in Thailand you won’t find anyone drinking beer from a bottle or sipping individual cocktails. Ordering drinking one by one is not a usual practice, rather a whole bottle of liquor or more can be put on a table and usually this bottle will be the Thai rum, Sang Som or old good whiskey. Accompanying the drink would be a bucket of ice cubes and soda water, still water, and coke as mixers. If whiskey isn’t your favorite, don’t worry, soon enough it will become your favorite. At a fancier place, a waiter can do the mixing for you guys and he will ensure your glasses aren’t empty.


Who pays?

who pays

If you go out with a group of peers, the entire bill will be evenly split among all present. A person that will take up the responsibility of collecting the money from all present can be selected from amongst you.


I hope I have assisted you in knowing what to expect when making friends and going out with Thai people, but it doesn’t end there. Visiting a foreign land can be overwhelming and most times very expensive. You could lose a lot of money if an unforeseen event prevents you from going, so coughing out a bit more for travel insurance makes a lot of sense. There are a lot of factors to consider if you’re still in doubt as to whether to get a travel insurance or not. For one, how much are you spending? Is it an international travel? Are you booking in an iffy weather condition? And so on. A travel insurance can help protect against financial hardship that often comes with trip interruptions or cancellations amongst others.