8 Lessons You Learn Living on a Tropical Island

A veritable of warm waters, white soft sandy beaches, rows of lounging palms and a sweet hammock with your name on it. Ring any bells?

We often dream of a life on a tropical island, that vision of paradise, of a secure life in a little village with Hawaiian shirts and pina coldas. Where we can lounge around, play games, drink cocktails, surf and swim, make amazing friends and share moments with the people we love.

Living on a tropical island can be fun, but keep in mind however that you won’t love every second of it, and that’s the honest truth.

It’s not such an easy fit living in paradise, but there are tons of valuable life lessons you could learn from it that will help you along the way. You might not be able to handle the pace change for the rest of your life, but you’ll manage just fine.

Below are 8 lessons you can learn while living on a tropical island in Thailand.

1. The best person to be friends with is yourself.

A lot of people think that living on the islands is all about sitting around in hammocks all day and sipping pina coladas.

They forget that people on the islands have to work too for a living. You actually run or work at jobs that keep you very busy most of the day. And by the time you’re done for the day, there’s hardly anyone to hang out with and you’re all by yourself.

This can take some time to get used to.

You have to learn that it is okay to go to the beach and sip a cocktail all by yourself or go swimming at a resort on your own.

A tip that you can survive on is to take a notepad along to keep you company or your phone can still do the trick. Enjoy being alone with your thoughts and be your own company.

2. Don’t forget to make friends.

Although being all by yourself can be very fulfilling, it is also very important that you also spend some quality time with friends. It will help keep your sanity.

Making friends on the island can be a bit difficult, though as most peeps like to keep to themselves. And trust me you don’t want it to seem as if you’re coming on too strong.

But give it a shot and wait for them to come around. Soon you would have a group of wonderful friends to share happy moments with. Keep in mind that finding a group of like-minded friends is very important.

3. You’ll learn to be resourceful

Unlike in the big cities, there are no big fancy shops where you can walk in and buy whatever it is you’re looking for. But trust me it’s not all that bad.

You can learn how to make things yourself, like your own Greek yogurt. You can make old furniture look new again.

Instead of paying new books, you easily opt for second-hand books, and who says they’re not as good? When you can’t get everything you’re looking for in the shops, you’ll learn to be more resourceful and less reliant on best or new material items.

4. You’ll learn to fix things

Getting a repairman on the island can be a bit tricky sometimes. Because the house can be difficult to find, as there are no working addresses. So when something goes bad, it would be a pain to have to get a brand new one.

So having technical, electrical and even plumbing skills can go a long way for you. You can actually do a lot more than you think you can.

5. You would need to keep things interesting

When you live in a place where there are no cinemas, no fancy restaurants, and not much to do for entertainment, things can get pretty boring quick. You would have to be creative to keep things interesting.

Going to the beach can be fun, but when it becomes the only thing you do, it can become a problem. Instead of doing the obvious activities, like hiking and swimming on the island repeatedly, you can try paddle boarding, pole dancing, writing something, dance hall classes, learn a language or engage in some yoga and meditation.

Different activities can keep your brain and body fit and sharp and mostly keep life interesting.

6. Family matters

Being in a foreign land away from family and everyone that you love can be very rough. You can’t see them as much as you would love to.

Of course, there’s Skype, but it’s not reality.

You can’t see them physically or hug them. The importance of family cannot be over emphasised and that’s one of the lessons you’re going to learn when living on a tropical island far away from everything you hold dear.

7. It’s not worth the fight

The island most times attracts its fair share of crazies. If you think about it, most people are there because they’re running away from something.

One thing you’ll learn on a tropical island is that no matter how much you try to make them see reason, the crazier they’ll become. At that point, the only thing you can do is walk away and forget they ever existed.

And why not?

Plotting revenge on someone doesn’t make the situation better, it makes you miserable.

8. Power cuts gives a whole new perspective

On the island, there are power cuts, unlike in the big cities where you enjoy a 24/7 power supply.

Nobody wants their power to go out, it’s very frustrating, especially in our world today where we use electricity for virtually everything. But while on the island you can quickly grow to like power cuts, because it would give you some kind of relaxation time. It forces you in a rest mood since there is no electricity to power your gadgets and appliances. The fact is that your most creative ideas can come from these times.

Let’s face facts, life in paradise will be boring, if it holds no challenge. We all have a yearning for challenges, for a touch for hardship. And eventually turn into survivors.

Risk Consideration

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