Laos Waterfalls: 5 Stunning and Beautiful Waterfalls that You Must Visit

Laos is a place where tourists meet adventure. With a population of over 8.6 million, Laos is the only country in Southeast Asia which is landlocked.

Despite the fantastic forests and jungles, Laos is also known for its amazing waterfalls.

The number of Laos waterfalls is rather small, but the ones which already exist are quite spectacular.

You mustn’t forget to visit at least one if you ever plan to travel to Laos. The scenery is just amazing. You can see the streams of water fall over cliffs or double as swimming pools. It is a picturesque view and a magnificent experience.

Check out 5 of the most stunning Laos waterfalls below.

1. Khone Phapheng

Khone Phapheng

(Photo by Hiroo Yamagata, available under Creative Commons license).

The Khone Falls and Phapheng Falls are located on the Mekong River in southern Laos.

Situated in the Champasak Province, the Khone Falls are the largest waterfall in Southeast Asia. The area is also called Si Phan Don or “The 4,000 Islands” because there are thousands of islands and waterways around the waterfall.

It may be the largest waterfall, but it is not the highest.  

The biggest falls are about 21 meters (or 69ft). You can see many fishers on the banks of the falls catching fish. In Khone Phapheng, you can find an endangered species of catfish, the plabuck. This species is thought to be the largest fish found in freshwater in the whole world. It can reach up to 3m and weigh 293 kilograms.

Fun fact: Because the Khone Falls are so large, the Mekong River isn’t navigable into China. This is the reason why a railway was built to connect the Don Det and Don Khon islands.

2. Tad Sae

Tad Sae

(Photo by Peter McGahan, available under Creative Commons license).

Another beautiful waterfall is the Tad Sae.

This waterfall isn’t that great to visit all year-round. Nevertheless, it is worth a trip or two.

You can visit this site from Luang Prabang (which is 20 km away) and spend the whole day there. A characteristic of Tad Sae is the low and cascading waterfalls which are surrounded by a spectacular tropical forest.

The area where this waterfall is located also features an elephant center.

Exotic Voyages wrote that the Tad Sae is a “jewel lost in the middle of the jungle.” One thing you can expect to see when you visit this waterfall is a breathtaking scenery of the water flowing over rocks and colorful vegetation.

It is a place most travelers would call “off the beaten tracks” since visitors are mainly locals living in Laos. Another interesting part of the Tad Sae waterfall is the small pools that are formed as the water runs into them.

The best time to visit this natural gem is throughout the Green Season. This is the period when the water is flowing with full force, the waters are the cleanest, and the atmosphere is charming.

3. Kuang Si

Kuang Si

(Photo by Anne Dirkse, available under Creative Commons license).

The Kuang Si waterfall may be considered as one of the most beautiful of its kind in Laos. They are a scene which absolutely shouldn’t be missed.

It can be found 29 kilometers south of Luang Prabang. Tourists favor this are whenever they are visiting Laos. What makes these waterfalls so pleasing to the eye is that the falls start in some shallow pools on a steep hillside.

Following these falls, you can find the main waterfall which has a 60-meter cascade. It is indeed a lovely and picturesque view that will look good in any photo.

If you want to travel to the Kuang Si waterfall, you need to access a trail which is located to the left of the falls. After you arrive, you will be met with the beautiful turquoise-colored waters in the pools.

What you should also keep in mind is that you need to pay an admission fee to the locals if you want to visit the site. You have many walkways and bridges which will guide your stay in the Kuang Si waterfall, and you can even swim in some of the pools.

4. Tad Fane

Tad Fane

(Photo by Sebomann, available under Creative Commons license).

Another stunning waterfall in Laos is the Tad Fane.

It is considered as the best waterfall to visit in the Bolaven Plateau. Another plus this waterfall has is that it is easily accessible. The Tad Fane features two twin waterfalls which cascade from a height of 120 meters. It is surrounded by the jungles of Dong Hua Sao NPA.

If you plan on visiting Tad Fane, you can view it from a far distance across a gorge.

What most travelers love doing here are taking photos and having a coffee at the Tad Fane Resort which is located near the waterfall. However, do keep in mind that sometimes a fog can hide the waterfall almost entirely. So be sure to choose a good and sunny day to visit the Tad Fane.

5. 100 Waterfalls

100 Waterfalls

(Photo by Sebomann, available under Creative Commons license).

The fifth most stunning waterfall in Laos is the 100 Waterfalls.

The interesting thing is that there isn’t one single waterfall. There are many falls which flow through rocks and form a unique scene.

These waterfalls are located along the river Nam Ou in Nong Khiaw.

The best way to experience the 100 Waterfalls is to take tours or hike. The Tiger Trail Travel offers an exclusive tour in which you can walk through a trail in the jungle. You can see many waterfalls part of this exploration tour and even see some of the local villages. During the experience, you can trek and even take part in a boat ride.

Final thoughts

Having one of the most adventurous landscapes, Laos should be on all traveler’s lists. These stunning waterfalls are only a small part of the beautiful scenery that you can find in Laos. Aside from the great memories, you will create, the waterfalls do contribute to an unforgettable experience.

If these waterfalls gave you a reason to visit Laos, it is advisable to keep in mind some of the travel risks that can be associated with your journey. One of these risks can be losing your baggage or even your travel documents being stolen. A good tip would be to purchase travel insurance before going to Laos. This way you will have a safer and more secure during your trip.