Koh Ta Kiev: Surely One of the Best Cambodian Islands

(Photo by Wikirictor, available under Creative Commons license).

Koh Ta Kiev is considered the most beautiful island in Cambodia.

It is the biggest from the little group of Cambodian islands. Koh Ta Kiev is located 4 km from the Otres beach in Sihanoukville City.

Forests cover 6.70 km2 of the island. This secret jewel isn’t that well known and many tourists never get to visit it. However, the way you can reach the island is by a ferry or speed boat. You won’t get to see much infrastructure since there are two villages on the island and a small Cambodian Navy base.

If you are looking for a place to relax or explore, then Koh Ta Kiev is the perfect option for you.

There are many things to do when you visit this island, such as snorkeling, boating, parasailing and much more. Although this island needs a lot more investment, you can find accommodation in places very near to the beach.

In Koh Ta Kiev you won’t find any Wi-Fi, running water and very little electricity. What most locals use are generators to keep the power going. But don’t be alarmed. The locals of the island do have solutions for these problems. You do have telephone service, so the internet is also present in most places. The bungalows import the fresh water on the island. They also found solutions for the garbage.

The best time of the year to visit Koh Ta Kiev is between November and March. During this period, you won’t have much rain and heat. You can also enjoy the beaches that are part of this island.

There are three beaches which have yellow and white sand, and you can access them within a short walking distance.

If you travel to Cambodia during the wet season (April-October), you need to take into consideration that there can be high tides which overtake the spaces where the beaches are. Other than that, you can find pine trees that give a fresh appeal to the landscape. It is the perfect place to take a break from the dynamic and fast-moving world around us.

What can you do?

Ratanakiri Trail

(Photo by Lukas Bergstrom, available under Creative Commons license).

The island’s beautiful scenery and abundant marine life paved the way for many outdoor activities. You can spend your time hiking and explore the jungle. Travelers are trying to take advantage of the island’s colorful vegetation since locals believe that soon the trees and plants will disappear due to the construction of villas and resorts.

Koh Ta Kiev is a place for all nature lovers who like adventures.

If you like traveling without any strict plans, then this island is the best option for you.

You decide whatever you want to do. You can go snorkeling to discover the underwater gems such as the wildlife and coral. If you don’t feel like exploring, then you can have a nice quiet day at the beach and do nothing the entire day.

If you feel a little adventurous, you can go cliff diving with expert guides. A thrilling experience that you will never forget! You can also hang out at bars or lay in hammocks, so much is possible. It all depends on what you want to do most. The only thing is that you can’t direct your attention to your phone, laptop or any other technological device. Koh Ta Kiev is a place to be enjoyed in tranquility. With no buzzing noises of people texting you.

People believe that islands like Koh Ta Kiev are becoming very rare. Construction seems to be growing, and the island might soon lose its value. You can have a little-isolated feeling on this islands, which gives you the opportunity to relax your mind and not think of other things. You definitely shouldn’t miss this island if you are ever in the area.

How to access the island?

Koh Ta Kiev Island

(Photo by Asfintesco at wts wikivoyage, available under Creative Commons license).

The first step is, of course, to travel to Cambodia.

Go to Sihanoukville, so that you can get a boat that will take you to the island.

Usually, the boats leave from the Otres Beach. You also need to talk to the place where you are staying, since they may have schedules of their own. The boat ride can last for about an hour, and you need to pay USD $8-12 for the ticket.

What about Accommodation?


You can find many types of accommodation on the island. There are hammocks, tents, dorms, jungle houses, bungalows and outside sleeping. If you feel a little adventurous, you can bring your hammock or tent for USB $2-3. The dorms have a fascinating design. They have three walls and have an opening for an unparalleled view of the ocean.

Another option would be to say at The Last Point, where you can find a private 1km long beach and many other benefits.

One thing you can come upon when visiting The Last Point is how kind and polite the host and staff are. They will treat you as if you already belong to their community. The private beach is a big plus and will make you feel as calm as you’ve ever been.

Many travelers believe The Last Point to be the best option when choosing for accommodation in Koh Ta Kiev. You will feel linked to nature, and you will find it challenging to live a little “primitive.” And by primitive, we mean no electricity and no internet.


To put it in short, Koh Ta Kiev truly is the best island in Cambodia.

It offers a unique experience that other islands just lack. The simple yet exciting life on the location is something to be admired. Every inch of this place screams out “LIFE.” So if you plan on taking a trip to Koh Ta Kiev, be sure to do a lot of planning before you visit.

Be prepared for the experience that you are about to have. Another tip would be to keep in mind some risks that can affect your trip. One example can be a flight delay or even a canceled flight. These unfortunate circumstances can ruin your journey. A solution for this can be purchasing travel insurance that can cover any inconveniences that you might have while traveling to Cambodia.

Nevertheless, after the necessary planning, your stay in Koh Ta Kiev will be one you will remember forever.

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