Top 10 Mouthwatering Indonesian Food and Cuisine You Must Try

(Photo by Victoria.shuttle.wizzard, available under Creative Commons license).

There are many reasons to visit Indonesia – beautiful scenery, exciting adventures, trekking, unforgettable experiences and more. And one of these reasons is the delicious indonesian food.

Indonesia is famous for its cheap and mouthwatering cuisine. A fascinating part being the street food. Therefore, check out the ten best dishes you must try if you ever travel to Indonesia.

1. Bakpao


(Photo by J B, available under Creative Commons license).

This delicious dish is a kind of bun or bread-like item. You will also find various ingredients inside these buns. 

Bakpao (in Hokkien, a dialect in China) means “meat dumpling” or “meat bun.” This mouthwatering meal originates from China. Earlier, many Indonesian Hokkiens prepared Bakpao with pork meat.

Today, many Indonesians use more Muslim friendly ingredients for the filling such as chicken or different types of vegetables. To make a Bakpao, you first create a dough, and then stuff it with the fillings. Afterwards, you steam it, resulting in the dumpling expansion.

2. Satay


Satay has to be one of the most delicious foods you will ever try in Indonesia.

It originates from Java and is the national dish of Indonesia.

Satay consists of meats (chicken, beef, and mutton) which are grilled over a fire of charcoal or wood. This then gives the meal a barbeque flavor.

A well-known version of Satay also incorporates spicy peanut and pineapple sauce into the dish. Sometimes you can even find Satay with intestines and different sauces to give a very distinct flavor. The best part of Satay is that you can find it almost anywhere in Indonesia.

3. Bubur Ayam

Bubur Ayam

(Photo by Gunawan Kartapranata, available under Creative Commons license).

A delicious chicken dish, Bubur Ayam is a ubiquitous dish in Asia.

Bubur Ayam consists of simple rice congee along with shredded chicken and other ingredients such as chopped celery, fried shallots, and scallion, Tongcay and more.

Many Indonesians eat Bubur Ayam for breakfast. Street vendors also offer Bubur Ayam in the mornings.

4. Kerak Telor

Kerak Telor

(Photo by Dainsleaf, available under Creative Commons license).

Kerak Telor is a somewhat spicy omelet.

The ingredients used to make this delicious meal are glutinous rice, duck eggs, shredded coconut, fried shallots and dried shrimp. The reason why people in Indonesia use ducks eggs is that they consider them to have a lot more flavor than chicken eggs.

What is interesting is that in the past, Kerak Telor used to be a type of food for wealthy families. It was also served during parties.

5. Gado-Gado

Gado gado

(Photo by Sakurai Midori, available under Creative Commons license).

Gado-Gado is a salad which consists of a combination of boiled vegetables, tofu, tempeh and hard boiled eggs.

Some of the vegetables usually include corn, cabbage, potatoes, bitter gourd, spinach and string beans. All these ingredients are mixed with peanut sauce to form a delicious salad.

Being a traditional food in Indonesia, locals sometimes add krupuk crackers to create a more crunchy texture. The peanut sauce used in Gado-Gado is a bit different than the one used in Satay. The difference lies in another ingredient used when making the sauce. This ingredient is Terasi, which is a dried prawn paste.

6. Rendang


(Photo by stu_spivack, available under Creative Commons license).

Rendang means dry curry and is a popular dish in Indonesia.

Its origin is from Minangkabu (which is also known as Padang) in West Sumatra. Earlier this meal was called either Rendang Padang or Rendang Minangkabau. This dish consists of meat (beef, liver, chicken, goat or other types) which is cooked in coconut milk and spices until the consistency is dry.

This gives the mixture a mouthwatering taste and texture. Hence, Rendang is a kind of food you would not want to miss if you ever travel to Indonesia.

7. Roti Bakar

Roti Bakar

An ideal type of food for breakfast or dessert, Roti Bakar is a thick toast with various toppings.

You can find Roti Bakar in many street vendors and food stalls. Most of them offer toppings such as strawberry, pineapple, banana cheese, chocolate, and more. Locals prefer adding chocolate and cheese to their Roti Bakar.

Sometimes, you can even spot people blending cheese and chocolate with condensed milk to create a sweet and juicy mixture which they then pour over the toast.

Another option is also getting an “Es Roti Bakar,” which is a Roti Bakar with scoops of ice cream on top.

8. Indomie


(Photo by Gunawan Kartapranata, available under Creative Commons license).

One of the cheapest street foods in Indonesia, an Indomie is a snack that is delicious and satisfying.

You can buy a pack for about 25 cents and enjoy all of the tastes known to Indonesia. To put it simply, they are noodles. You have many different flavors of noodles that you may sometimes find it hard to decide.

9. Soto Mie

Soto Mie

(Photo by Gunawan Kartapranata, available under Creative Commons license).

Soto Mie is a type of food which is a mixture of soup and noodles.

Briefly, it’s a spicy noodle dish which is in fact noodles added to “Soto,” which is a traditional soup in Indonesia. There are many types of “Soto.”

Therefore, you have many kinds of “Soto Mie.” It all depends on the place.

Different cities incorporate various ingredients into a Soto Mie. For example, you can find a Soto Mie Bogor, which consists of beef tendon or cartilage. Another type is Soto Mie Betawi, which is made up of beef offal and milk added to the traditional Soto Mie.

10. Siomay


(Photo by Gunawan Kartapranata, available under Creative Commons license).

Most of the food in Indonesia’s street vendors and food stalls have peanut sauce as one of the ingredients.

Siomay is also one of these types of food. What Siomay is made up of is steamed fish dumplings which come with cooked potatoes, eggs, cabbage and peanut sauce.

Travelers argued that the best Siomay originates from the locals in Indonesia who are bicycle vendors. They have a cart at the back of their bike which consists of a steamer.


If these delicious dishes inspired you to visit Indonesia, then you should do a lot of planning.

A tip would be to prepare for some risks that can affect your trip.

One risk would be the duration of the travel. For example, it can happen that a flight can be canceled or delayed. Hence, be sure to purchase travel insurance which can cover your stay in Indonesia. The best trips are the ones well planned out.

After you’ve finished organizing your journey, pack your bags and travel to Indonesia.