Da Nang: 11 Interesting Activities to do as a Casual Backpacker

Da Nang has become one of the fastest growing cities in Vietnam. Earlier it was known as a provincial town which didn’t have much appeal. However, the new Da Nang has quite a few things to offer its visitors.

This town is often missed by travelers since it is still considered not worthy enough to compete with other cities in Vietnam. However, with its beautiful scenery and less-crowded atmosphere, Da Nang is slowly becoming an attractive place for people who want a break from the everyday dynamic life.

Check out the 11 things to do in Da Nang below.

1. Visit the Son Tra Peninsula

Son Tra Penisula

(Photo by CEphoto, available under Creative Commons license).

Son Tra Peninsula is a breathtaking rainforest which is over 4000 hectares. You can rent a scooter or a motorcycle and ride on the road that has been recently built. You can even visit the nature reserve and the Quan Am, the most important religious sites in Da Nang.

2. Experience Zip lining

Zip lining

(Photo by Khaufle, available under Creative Commons license).

The Hoa Phu Thanh natural tourist zone offers fantastic activities for visitors. One of them being zip lining. Fly above the treetops and feel the wind blowing in your face. This would be an excellent way to spend your time in Da Nang.

3. Check out the Dragon Bridge

Dragon Bridge Da Nang

(Photo by tuankiet65, available under Creative Commons license).

One of the most interesting thing in Da Nang is the Dragon Bridge. It comes to life at night and is one of the biggest attractions in the city center of Da Nang. Besides lighting up during the evening. The bridge also spits fire every weekend at 9 pm. The Dragon Bridge offers an incredible show during the night which is a must-see attraction when visiting Da Nang.

4. Explore the Marble Mountains

Marble Mountains

(Photo by Bernard Gagnon, available under Creative Commons license).

One of the most popular attractions in Da Nang is the Marble Mountains. They are a group of marble and limestone hills which are located 7km from the city. Here you can find many caves, tunnels, and Buddhist shrines. There is an ancient story behind these mountains. Ancient folklore says that a dragon came out of the sea and laid an egg on the beach. After 1000 days, a beautiful lady was born. The egg shells that remained grew into the Marble Mountains we know today.

5. Chill at the beach

Danang Beach Resort

(Photo by Daderot, available under Creative Commons license).

One of the things you can do in Da Nang is to visit the beautiful beaches it has. In fact, Da Nang is surrounded by beaches. They may not be as spectacular as Thailand’s beaches, but what they do have is cleanliness. Another fun fact is that the beaches can be tranquil during the day. You won’t see many people at that time, so you will have the chance to relax in peace.

6. Have fun at Asia Park

Asia Park

Who doesn’t love an excellent amusement park? Asia Park is one of the biggest amusement parks in South East Asia. It is very modern and has a lot of beautiful lights. The park has a giant Ferris wheel which will give you fantastic views of Da Nang’s landscape. You can see how beautiful the city is at night. If you ever travel here, do not miss this awesome amusement park.

7. Have a coffee

Vietnam Coffee House

(Photo by Dragfyre, available under Creative Commons license).

Another great thing to do in Da Nang is to sit in a local café and only enjoy the coffee. You have anywhere from garden coffee shops to expensive restaurants. Locals have also told travelers that you would need one year to discover all coffee shops in Da Nang.

8. Go Shopping

Da Nang Market

(Photo by Daderot, available under Creative Commons license).

What would a trip be without a bit of shopping? Whether you want something for yourself or a souvenir, shopping is always part of traveling. There are many shops in Da Nang. However, you need to keep in mind that you find any designer brands here. In Da Nang, you can make your own clothes. Other markets include Con Market and Han Market, in which you can find a lot of cheap food and clothes.

9. Taste Bun Cha Ca

Bun Cha Ca

(Photo by QSNguyen, available under Creative Commons license).

Very popular in Da Nang, the Bun Cha Ca is a fish cake noodle soup which always uses fresh ingredients. All of the materials (which are in most cases fish) are fresh and mixed with mastery to create the delicious dish. Some materials also include tuna, flying, catfish, barracuda, lizard and more.

10. Visit Bodhisattva of Mercy

Bodhisattva of Mercy

(Photo by CEphoto, available under Creative Commons license).

If you ever travel to Da Nang, be sure to visit the white statue of Lady Buddha. This statue is the tallest one in all of Vietnam. It is located near the main beach and is thought to guard the shores and look after Da Nang’s fishers. This statue is part of the Son Tra Linh Ungh Pagoda complex, which is also pretty cool to explore.

11. Visit the Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Pass

(Photo by Tuabiht Rellahcs, available under Creative Commons license).

Hai Van Pass became a must-see place for many people after appearing in an episode of the famous TV show Top Gear. Many motorcycle enthusiasts and adventurers head to this place to spend their time while in Da Nang. The Hai Van Pass is a mountain pass which is 21km long between Hue and Da Nang. You can see some of the most spectacular ocean views in all of Vietnam. What most people do is rent a scooter early in the morning, and they ride to this magical place.


Have you decided to visit Da Nang yet? If you have, be sure to purchase some travel insurance which will help cover any unwanted surprises. One example can be any medical issues that you may have during your stay. Also, it is advisable to check other risks before you travel. But don’t let that stop you. Da Nang is an excellent place that is very fun, beautiful and lively. Even though it might not be as famous as Hanoi or other cities, it is still worthy of visiting.

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