5 Awesome Destinations in Magical Cambodia

For travelers who are bored of the natural sights of Vietnam or the beaches of Thailand may be up for some more adventures like the ancient ruins of Cambodia. Cambodia’s beguiling charms are made more poignant by the country’s resilience in recovering from its dark past. Most travelers and tourists continue to flood the country to see the legendary Angkor Wat. But besides this iconic attraction, Cambodia’s beauty does not begin there. The beautiful country houses untouched jungles, pristine beaches, and stunning architectural feats. Here are 5 awesome destinations in magical Cambodia that you absolutely need to see.


    1. Angkor Wat Temple

Most times this legendary temple is the single reason many travelers visit Cambodia. It is, of course, the largest religious monument in the world. The Angkor wat originally was built as a Hindu temple solely dedicated to the god Vishnu, before it was converted to a Buddhist temple in the 14th century. The temple includes vast murals, the northern reflecting pool, and extensive carvings. When visiting make sure to check out the thousands of apsaras carvings, basins, dykes, canals and priceless works of arts. As much as exploring the temple can be very adventurous, there are still plenty of activities to do outside the temple. Like going on a bike ride through the countryside or make a trip to Phnom Kuhlen and Mahendraparvata.


    2. Tonle Sap Lake

Tonle Sap Lake

This lake has a great ecosystem and it affords you the benefit of looking at the rural parts of Cambodia. Such as the lives and traditions of the natives, checking out their local schools, get to ride in a boat and get to tour the inland Cambodian sea. There are small villages around the lake that you can have a refreshing meal, a bath and spend the night. Villages like Rolous and Kampong Pluck.


    3. Otres Beach

This is a kind of off-the-map spot for travelers. But if you want to get away from the big crowds of Angkor and experience an exotic beach paradise, then the Otres beach is the place to be. Compared to famous beaches in Cambodia, the guesthouses takes up a small portion of the beach. And gives you plenty of room for swimming, sunbathing and taking in the magnificent view. The water is usually warm and the hammocks are hung high. You could stay at the moonflower bungalow when you visit. Their prices are not on the high side. You can get a room for two around 20 euros. There is also an opportunity to rent a scooter for as low as 5 euros for a day. A scooter gives you the ease to explore the island.


    4. Ream National Park

Ream National Park

This is in the same province as the Otres beach. Ream national park makes a perfect side trip and the perfect way to go about this is to rent a scooter and explore on your own. There is plenty to check out in this beautiful park, like the mangrove swamps, fishing cats, and bird watching. But if you’re looking for something more then go towards the Island of Koh Thmei. It is usually empty as there are no villages around. You can enjoy the solitude, snorkeling and if you’re lucky to spot the migrating dolphins.


    5. Preah Vihear

Preah Vihear

Just like the Angkor, this is another great religious site. The Preah Vihear is perched on top of a vast cliff in the north of Cambodia. According to history. In the early 20th century when France drew the lines between Cambodia and Thailand, the mountaintop temple was partly in Thailand and partly in Cambodia. This gave birth to disputes as to who really could lay claim to the glorious temple. Until 1950’s when Cambodia became independent and a court ruled in their favor, the entire Hindu temple. This put a stop to the disputes both countries were having. Thinking of visiting the Preah Vihear? Don’t worry, entrance is absolutely free. But for your accommodation, you can book a room at Javeir guesthouse for around 13 euros a night. Moving around is easy as well as there are motorbikes and taxis available.


Don’t Go On That Trip without Insurance

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