7 Beautiful Destinations in 2017 with an Affordable Cost of Living

With things getting stressful real quick in our day to day lives, it’s only fair we treat ourselves to some vacation every once in awhile. If only to get away from the stress and the heartache.

But with the economy being so tight, a bunch of us will see a vacation as an unnecessary luxury at a critical time such as this. But there are lots of beautiful places you could visit with your family where the cost of living isn’t so rocket high.

Although the cost of living in these countries isn’t so much on the high side, there are a few things to consider when planning a trip. For example, how do you plan to get to your desired destination? The means of transport ranges from plane to ship to car, and if you’re on a tight budget you might want to look for cheap or discounted means of transportation.

Travel costs vary according to the means of transportation, the distance, ticket costs and so on.

Your choice of accommodation for the duration of the trip is also important, and it all depends on your pocket. Places you decide to visit while on the trip should also be taken into consideration because some are expensive and some are not so expensive. Note that, although getting to these destinations might cost a few dollars, but once you’re there, these countries offer you great value for your money.

There are numerous reasons why going on a vacation is beneficial to you and your well-being. For example, a vacation can drastically reduce your stress level, it could improve your health and creativity. It could also spike up your productivity level. Give yourself some quality time to relax, and you will be glad you did. So what are some of the beautiful destinations in 2017 to visit?

1. Cambodia


Cambodia remains one of the most interesting and culture incentive places for people traveling on a budget. Although the country may be corrupt, it’s still filled with great history and culture, beautiful coastline, amazing food and a very lively nightlife. There’s no way you won’t fall madly in love with this place with hostel rooms starting at $4 and private rooms starting at roughly $5, Cambodia remains one of the beautiful destinations in 2017 with an affordable cost of living.

Cambodia which can be found in the southeast of Asia is quickly becoming a favorite for holiday makers looking for a fun amazing time without having to spend too much. Their food is relatively cheap; meals from street vendors can cost less than a dollar while basic restaurant meals would cost from $2 to $5. You can also get western meals from $4 to $8. Local city transportation cost only a few dollars, and there are tons of activities to do in Cambodia but what tourists cannot afford to miss is the iconic ancient site – the Angkor Wat temple. Entry to the UNESCO world heritage site costs $16 for a full day and $32 for three days. For many visiting Cambodia, they look forward to exploring the ruins of the temple.

2. Greece


Naturally, Greece won’t be at the top the top of this list, but because of its current economic crisis it makes a beautiful destination in 2017 with an affordable cost of living as prices are currently lower than the usual, which is great for people on a budget. Greece is a beautiful country with ocean landscapes, distinct architecture, and amazing delicacies. Compared to other parts of Europe things are quite cheap, and it’s the perfect summer destination.

The price of accommodation all depends on the particular place in Greece you’re traveling to. Hostels cost $10 to $30 per night, and private rooms cost $40 to $60 per night. Greece is well known for its amazing foods, and they don’t cost much either. Meals at restaurants cost around $20 for a nice dinner while cafes charge around $11 for a meal

Being in the country, you could visit the ancient sites around the country that will cost you $12 to $24 per ticket. Island activities such as banana boat, kayaking and parasailing will cost $22 to $45. Transportation around Greece consists of a lot of boats and ferries because of its many islands which cost from $12 to $36 per trip while buses and trains cost from $20.

3. Vietnam


Vietnam is a super cheap beautiful country to visit for budget-conscious individuals. It shares boundaries with China, and it has a lot to offer tourists. Most recently the tourist industry grew and has since become a major source of national revenue for the past 15 years.

In Vietnam, the hostel accommodation goes for $5 per night and private rooms go for $17 per night. You could get a proper meal in a restaurant for as low as $1. Transportation is also quite cheap, like the buses in Ho Chi Minh City for example cost around $1 to $2.

Many of the country’s tourist attractions are based on its natural beauty, and that makes it cost little to nothing to visit. Organized tours through the Cu Chi tunnels costs about $8. Half day cooking classes, Halong Bay tours, and bicycle tours cost a bit more and start at about $13 to $15 because these activities are targeted.

4. Bolivia


Bolivia is located in western-central South America covering about 1,083,301 square kilometers of land and 15,280 square kilometers of water. It is officially known as the Plurinational state of Bolivia and also known as the Tibet of the Americas. Bolivia is a favorite among many travelers especially ones on a budget. You could find a nice place to stay for as low as $8 to $25 per night.

Don’t worry too much about cooking your meals because of cost because eating out has never been so cheap. With $5 to $8, you could get a nice meal in a standard restaurant.

A five-minute ride in a taxi in Bolivia costs as low as $1 and without needing to bring your piggy bank there are tons of activities you could get involved in which makes it one of our 7 beautiful destinations in 2017 with an affordable cost of living. You could go on an organized city tour of La Paz for $8 or go on a tour of the Potosi mines for $11.

5. Honduras


Honduras offers one of the cheapest destinations in Central America. Hostels costs around $13 per night and private rooms cost $19 per night.

A good meal in Honduras costs $2 to $3 and as for transportation, a ride will cost about $2 to $4. The country has their national parks as a part of tourist attractions, and with $2 you’re in or you could visit the Copan ruins or tunnels. Diving is also an option for a tourist but can be a bit expensive as most operators charge $32 per dive.

6. Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

The Caribbean can be quite expensive especially for people spending on a tight budget but with a country like the Dominican Republic people that wants to experience the Caribbean without having to spend too much will have a blast. You could easily live on $37 for a day and that will go a long way to cover transportation, accommodation, and food if you can manage very well.

Check into a hostel for $16 plus free Wi-Fi and free coffee and get meals for less than $2. Some of the activities you can get involved in includes jumping in the water with whales and dolphins alike or go see the San Francisco monastery concerts for free.

7. India


We cannot talk about beautiful destinations in 2017 with an affordable cost of living without mentioning India. Although staying away from international-standard hotels will save you tons of dollars, it is possible to live like a king with just $18 a day. There is a lot to see in India like the amazing architectures and unspoiled beaches. There is also a place known as Rishikesh well known for yoga and meditation

Going on a trip can be fun and exciting, but there are a lot of things to consider before the trip. Are you worried that something might go wrong before the set date and you end up not going and losing all your money?

Especially when you’ve paid a lot of money for a vacation with a no refund policy or a near impossible return policy, it is best to get a travel insurance. It is the most worthwhile insurance for travelers.

If you or your loved one has any health challenge or a demanding job, it is best to get this coverage as it is expensive to cancel or interrupt prepaid kind of travel but for a fraction of the cost of the trip you can alleviate the risk of losing money in case of an unforeseen circumstance.

Happy holidays!