7 Unnecessary Worries That Stop You Going Backpacking & 1 Real Worry

(Photo available under Creative Commons license).

Don’t you just love travel bloggers?

They live a carefree life and they have the luxury of seeing the world and experiencing life to its fullest.

Do you ever imagine yourself traveling the world and making new memories just like they do? Then it’s time to stop imagining and just travel. See the places you’ve always wanted to see.

Below are 7 unnecessary backpacking worries that are stopping you from travelling and you’ll also see why you need to overcome them.

1- Travelling is expensive

travelling is expensive

(Photo available under Creative Commons license).

Yes, traveling can be a bit expensive sometimes.

But that is the more reason why you should start putting away money for it on time. It won’t kill you to start being prudent with your spending. You can try cutting out excessive shopping and expensive outings.

Also, you can sell stuff you no longer have the use for on Carousell or take a second job or an extra shift at your place of work.

With the little you save up, you can look for cheap international flights, accommodations, and foods. Taking trips don’t have to be so expensive if you’re wise with your spending.

2- It’s not safe out there


If you worry about every single disaster going on around the world, you probably won’t ever live your life to the fullest.

Do you want to believe in the positive or do you choose to always see the negative?

The truth is that you shouldn’t allow your unnecessary paranoia get in the way of your happiness. Focus your mind on all the fun time you’re going to have on the trip, rather than all the things that could possibly go wrong.

Just be careful of the people you hang with when you travel, don’t walk along a quiet street alone at night and remember to drink responsibly.

3- I’ll be homesick


The truth is that the chances of you being homesick are very slim.

Not when you’re having too much fun, making new friends, having new experiences and taking on new adventures.

Nonetheless, if your worry is how you would keep up with your folks back at home, that’s easy, as you can easily connect to the internet in the hotel you’re staying to video chat with them when you’re less busy.

You might not even have the luxury of missing your folks when you’re having so much fun. Time indeed flies when you’re having the time of your life.

4- Traveling will look bad on my CV


That’s not the case in these modern times.

More and more companies would rather prefer that their employees’ have travel experience. This is because traveling promotes flexibility in the workplace.

Make good use of your summer break or your leave at the office to boost your career prospects and gain more life experience.

You can travel as a volunteer or as an English teacher. Adding traveling to your CV shows that you have what it takes to adapt to change and embrace new cultures.

5- I’ll be lonely and have no friends


This should be the least of your worries. Backpackers are by nature very friendly people. It is 100% guaranteed that you won’t be lonely even if you’re traveling alone.

During my backpacking trip, we make friends from Israel, UK, Netherland and China.

On adventurous trips, you’ll get to meet like-minded people who are willing to share the adventure with you. You also get to meet fellow backpackers with which you can share stories, laughter, and tears with. At the end of it all, you guys will probably not want to go your separate ways.

6- But what about all my stuff?


Traveling with few of your belongings is the best way to embark on a trip.

The essentials you need are very minimal as hostels come equipped with most items. You can decide to leave your smartphone at home and pick up a cheap handset and local sim card at your destinations.

Don’t worry about your car, you won’t be needing it on your trip. Jump on a tuk-tuk when you need to need to get around to avoid navigation and road tax.

When you travel light your mind will be more at peace, as you don’t have to worry about the safety of your belongings all the time.

7- What if I get ill?


One thing most people find hard to believe is that hospitals and clinics abroad are actually not that bad, as they’re being led to believe.

Most of them, if not all have well educated and experienced doctors and nurses. And they are well equipped to treat various health issues that may arise in the cause of your trip.

And finally, one real worry: You may never want to go back.

travel freedom

Yes, after all the excitement and the adventures, trust us you won’t like to return home.

And that is because you’ll miss all the trill that came with the trip, your new friends and the freedom you experienced. When you return home, you’ll definitely crave the freedom, the sheer fun and the fantastic adventures that you left behind.


So what is it going to be? Are you finally going to embark on that trip or not?

However when you do decide to go on that trip, remember to guard your belongings against theft.

No matter how wonderful your vacation is, when your belonging is stolen from you, it is sure to bring you down.

While it is advisable to be cautious and guard your property jealousy, sightseeing won’t be as enjoyable when you’re constantly looking out for whoever wants to steal from you. Guarding your items is one way to prevent theft or bag loss.

Another way is to keep your belongings insured.

Travel insurance reimburses a traveler for the direct loss of items in their possession during their trip. It also covers a traveler for theft that occurs in the airport, in the hotel, and while the traveler is in transit, like in a taxi, on a bus etc. however endeavor to travel light because travel insurance plans also set limits on their coverage for stolen goods.