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Terence Hoong

Terence Hoong


Terence Hoong is the manager in Anthola Group (Singapore). Since joining the company in 2010, he has advised corporate clients on complex risk issues.

About Terence Hoong

Mr Terence Hoong is the current director in Anthola Group (Singapore). He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in International Securities and Investment Banking (ISIB) and joined the Group since the year 2010. Terence is an Associate member (ACII) and a Chartered Insurance Practitioner with Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) since year 2016.
Having joined the Group more than 5 years ago, he is currently servicing many key corporate accounts under the portfolio of Anthola Group, as well as securing more key corporate accounts for the Group. His key area of general insurance expertise would be marine cargo insurance, liability insurance, and financial line insurance products. Also, he has been managing the daily operations of Anthola Singapore since he started with his team of supporting colleagues.With his experience, he can negotiate difficult risk with various insurers to satisfy clients on their general insurance needs. He has helped many clients to resolve the issue on insurance matters and even liability issues for the various clients under his portfolio.

Terence is based primarily in Singapore, but he travels to Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur occasionally. He can be contacted via the various links on the left.


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