7 Things You Should Know About Travel Insurance

There are many people who would doubt getting travel insurance. Most people who love traveling would often disregard the significance of getting this type of insurance. They would usually say that they would travel to relax and not to handle a lot of paper works.

However, traveling problems such as cancelled flights, missed flights, stolen or lost baggage and medical emergencies are sometimes inevitable. Thus, having travel insurance is essential.

If you are one of those people who first consider a lot of reasons of getting travel insurance, then the following are some of the important things for you to know.

Make Sure that You Know Your Insurance Seller Very Well

It is necessary that you first take the time to know your insurance seller. This is to further avoid any of the discrepancies prior to the terms in making your claims. This is one way for you to get your claim easily when you encounter problems while traveling. Compare all those travel insurance companies in Singapore and see to it that you can find a company that can cover whatever claims that you have.

Take Time to Read the Fine Print

Don’t just settle in talking about the coverage of your policy. Get the fine print and read through it. This way, you’ll know more about the things that the representative or agent weren’t able to explain.

Get to Know Your Claim Limitations

When you get a policy for your travel insurance, the company must give you a list of the exclusions and limitations regarding its coverage. This list must be provided with the certificate of insurance from the insurance company. When you get the list, you’ll know more of what the company is able to cover you with. You’ll know what they can’t cover you when you make a claim.

Proofs are Always Necessary

When you are making claims from your insurance company, getting to know the other details is essential. Singapore travel insurance companies will not issue any of your claims immediately. This is especially true if you can’t present any supporting evidences or proofs.

Say, during your travel, you got sick or suddenly caught up a disease. Don’t forget to have a signed medical document regarding your trip. The attending physician should sign the document right away.

Not All Policies have the Same Coverage

When you call the insurance company, make sure to know the different travel insurance policies that you can take advantage of. Ask their representatives on the particular policy that you need and the best one for you.

An Annual Travel Policy Is Best for Frequent Travelers

If you always travel a lot within a year, it is best for you to get an annual travel policy. This can help you to spend less than the expected costs of getting a policy. This is especially when you’ll be travelling.

Check If you’re Entitled for Any Bonuses

Your insurance company may offer you with different bonuses every time you make use of your travel insurance. Learn whether there are certain bonuses that the company offers with the frequency of your travel.

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