3 easy steps to make travel insurance claims

Making travel insurance claims can be a frustrating process. Besides filling up the claim form, you also have to get the necessary documents. Also, you have to ensure that your travel insurance claims submission is complete. You would not want any further clarifications from the insurance company on your claims.

How are you going to ensure your travel insurance claims submission is complete?

Making travel insurance claims can be made simpler with the below 3 steps. By following these 3 steps, your claims process will be much smoother.

We will only focus on the following travel insurance claims in this article:

  • Trip Cancellations and Curtailment
  • Medical Expenses / Personal Accident
  • Loss / Thefts of Belongings
  • Travel / Baggage Delay
  • Loss of travel documents

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Step 1: Determine the value of your travel insurance claims

The first step is to determine the value of your claims. Be sure to include the following if applicable:

Type of Insurance ClaimsClaims Items
Trip cancellations and curtailmentNon-refundable Flight tickets, accommodations, tour package paid
Medical Expenses / Personal AccidentMedical expenses paid to the hospital or clinic

Emergency travel expenses to the hospital (if any)

Loss / Thefts of Personal BelongingsReplacement / Repair or value of the lost items
Travel / Baggage DelayExpenses incurred due to the delay
Loss of travel documentsExpenses incurred (transport and accommodation) to replace the lost travel documents

Replacement fee / Processing fee of travel documents


The claim’s value should be in Singapore Dollars (SGD). You can use the actual exchange rate to determine expenses incurred in foreign currencies.

The claim’s value you have determined might not be the actual payment you will be receiving. The claim is still subjected to approval, and the limits that your travel insurance policy might impose.

Step 2: Prepare / Get necessary documents

Regardless of whether you are making the claims, we encourage you to keep the following travel documents:

  1. Proof of travel documents
  2. Receipt when you exchange the money
  3. Passport which you have used for travel

Only dispose them after you are sure you will not be making any travel insurance claims.

The other documents are dependent on the type of claims:

Type of Insurance ClaimsDocuments Required
Trip cancellations and curtailmentMedical reports of yourself (or your loved ones) on why the trip has to be cancelled. (if applicable)

Receipts made to book the flights / accommodations / tour.

Confirmation from the tour operator that they did not issue any refunds.

Medical Expenses / Personal AccidentReceipts of the medical expenses incurred
Loss / Thefts of Personal BelongingsReceipts of your lost items

Police report that you have lost or stolen belongings

Travel / Baggage DelayLetter from the Airline confirming the delay
Loss of travel documentsReceipts of expenses incurred for you to replace the travel documents.

Replacement confirmation from embassy


For loss or theft, you have to file a police report. The best is the local police report in the country that the loss occurs. But there might be circumstances where you are unable to make the police report. You might realize the loss when you are back in Singapore, or you cannot communicate with the local police due to language barriers. In that case, you may try to make the police report in Singapore instead.

Step 3: Fill in and submit your travel insurance claim form

Most insurance companies have a standard claim form where you have to fill in when making the claims. Fill in the claim form based on the above information and submit the form together with the supporting documents.


The process of making travel insurance claims can be frustrating. We also like to emphasize again the importance of keeping documents such that the travelling documents so that this can be a proof of travel. This will make the process of travel insurance claims faster.

We hope that this article helps you to make the claims process easier and less frustrating.

You can watch the below video to find out more about claiming medical expenses:

How can Anthola help you?

At Anthola, we help our clients facilitate the claims process with the insurance company. Please leave a comment below if you are having trouble claiming travel insurance (even when you do not purchase from us). We hope to assist you in every way possible.

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